5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Sleep the eight hours of the night, but you get tired worse than you slept. A morning coffee is no longer enough to get you in motion and consume significant amounts of sweet and energizing drinks over the course of a day. Because you’re almost never rested, your efficiency has fallen and you can not finish your job in the office, so you’re working for your home. If many of these affirmations fit you, it is clear that you have entered a vicious circle that you can not get out if you do not make a few small changes but essential to improve your sleep quality. We show you how to do this in 5 easy steps.

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Limit the amount of coffee you drink daily


One cup in the morning and possibly one around lunch. Anything that exceeds this amount will make you stay agitated throughout the day, have migraines, be irritable, and you will not be able to get out of it once you get home from the office. If you feel that you need the amount of energy the extra coffee cup gives you, try other, less harmful, like half an hour of motion. Keep in mind that Mayo Clinic specialists say you have to limit the amount of caffeine you consume one day to 400 mg. Keep in mind that other sources of caffeine, such as cola, energy drinks, and so on, come in.

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Take breaks during work schedule


And we do not refer to long and frequent breaks, but to the fact that every 20 minutes you should take your eyes off the computer for a few minutes. Whether you get up from the office and take a few steps, whether you stay on the chair and look at something other than the monitor, pauses are necessary because the eyes get tired and become dry, irritated or even painful, and one of the consequences is that you will not be able to rest at night.

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Hydrate yourself


Hydration is not a fad but it is vital, as we are made up of 60% of water. If you do not care to drink enough water, you are at risk of developing a range of conditions, and headaches and insomnia are just some of them. It’s not mandatory to drink the eight glasses of water you’ve heard about, it’s just as effective to eat vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, eggplant, made up of 92% of the water.

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Do not drink alcohol in the evening


Yes, we know when you can get out of town with friends who would eat without a glass of wine or beer (except that it is never a single glass)? Only the alcohol dehydrates and because of it your sleep will be extremely agitated. So thank yourself for a light dinner and quality conversation, for both alcohol and alcohol.

5 Steps for a Better Sleep

Read before bedtime


Or look at the pictures or stare at the ceiling if you are too exhausted to read a few pages. The reason it is recommended to do this is as simple as it may be: Before you sleep for at least 30 minutes, it is imperative that you no longer have any contact with your TV, laptop, tablet or phone, because the blue light on which emit it decreases the production of melatonin, the hormone that the brain uses to tell the body to get ready for bed. And as it is quite complicated to break your daily rhythm, reading seems the most effective method of relaxation.

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