How to use the moisturizing cream correctly. Learn when and how to apply it to enjoy its qualities!

A moisturizing cream is indispensable in any woman’s beauty arsenal, but in order to benefit from all its qualities, you must know that you are using it correctly. Though it seems such a trivial gesture, the application of a cream on the face is not done anyway. Here are some tips that will help you properly use the moisturizing cream.

Exfoliation is mandatory

Before applying moisturizing cream it is very important to analyze your complexion. If you notice that you have dry skin portions, it would be advisable to take a gruff once a week. By exfoliating you will eliminate dead cells and clean your skin thoroughly, thus preparing it for effective moisturizing. Prepare a grumble at your home, half a cup of milk and two tablespoons of sugar.

Apply on the face and massage gently, not to irritate the complexion. Remove with warm water.

Apply the cream on the entire face

One of the basic rules regarding the use of the cream is its application on the entire surface of the skin, and not just on dry portions. Thus, you will only overeat dry skin and the rest of the face will suffer.

Massage techniques for correct application of moisturizing cream

– The area around the eyes -Start with your fingertips positioned under the eyes, then a movement balancing cream extends from the nose to the cheeks, then easily change direction and made a circular motion until the temples. Remember: eye cream is applied only with your fingers because the eye area is very sensitive.

– The jaw line – Places the palms close to the chin (as if you were praying) and gently pushes your fingers upward, spreading palms to each side of your jaw. Continue moving along the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows to the test.

– Neckband – Start with your arms crossed and your palms facing the neck (your right hand will be on the left side of your neck and vice versa). From an arm movement (firm and light at the same time) lowers the palms from the jaw to the base of the neck and then to the area of ​​the neck (when you reach the base of the neck your arms are no longer crossed), the movement continuing until the neck.

Apply a moisturizer regularly

For optimal results, it is very important to use regular moisturizing cream every morning and every evening, on clean, clean skin. Moisturizing creams contain peptides that help produce new cells and stimulate collagen.

Another very important rule, which very few women adhere to: apply the cream (both face and eye area) at least half an hour before bedtime.

Just give the cream the time it takes to get into the skin.

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use the moisturizing cream correctly

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