10 tricks to Make the Perfect COFFEE

Coffee can be even more enjoyable if it’s prepared with a few simple tricks available to anyone. If you do not like going out, you can go back to the classic formula you use in the morning.

You can prepare it in the same way, according to the traditional recipes of each country where it occupies an honorable place.

Of course, not everyone has too much time in the morning to prepare a coffee for a complicated recipe, but some tricks can be of help to any passionate.

Here’s how to improve the taste of your coffee

1. Mix half a teaspoon of cane sugar with coffee. Heat the mixture at low heat, then add water. The slightly caramelized sugar will give your coffee a great flavor and taste.

2. For a cupless coffee in the mug, add a teaspoon of cold water to the fresh coffee and wait for half a minute. The bait will be deposited on the bottom of the kettle, so you will not have to filter it. It is one of the best known methods of getting rid of the kite.

3. If you want a cold coffee, do not use ice cubes, it will change its taste. Better cool the coffee, bake it in the freezer tray. Put some of these coffee cubes in milk, and the flavor will be special.

4. Coffee becomes even more delicious if we use spices. Put some cardamom, ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon in the coffee, warm it up to a low heat. The drink will absorb the flavor, and the coffee will have a great taste.

5. If you add 2-3 salt crystals in the coffee, it will have a stronger taste.

Spices make the coffee have a special flavor

6. If you want a coffee with a strong tart taste, you have to take the yarrow as soon as it gets hot. Remove foam, squeeze coffee, then put it on fire again. Repeat the procedure three times.

7. Coffee can be drunk, but also eaten. For example, in the form of a cool and delicious ice cream easy to prepare.

8. For a great taste add half a teaspoon of butter when you prepare it.

9. If you prefer coffee without caffeine, add 2-3 seeds of cardamom in the kettle. This spice destroys caffeine without altering the beneficial properties of the product.

It also offers a pleasant flavor.

10. To have a tasty coffee warm the kettle for half a minute without putting water.


10 tricks to Make the Perfect COFFEE

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