9 Natural Remedies for Thick and Beautiful Eyelashes

Every woman wants strong, thick, long and wonderful Eyelashes.

Would you also like to add a “Wow” factor to the Eyelashes ? Even if apparently a solution, false eyelashes are not the best way to get an impressive look. Here’s what you can try at home to fulfill your dream of showing  your Eyelashes in the most natural way.

Some effective remedies for getting the most beautiful Eyelashes.

1.Castor oil or olive oil

Apply castor oil or olive oil to the Eyelashes with a mascara brush. Make sure the oil does not get into the eye. Rinse with water if this happens. Let the oil on the Eyelashes work all night. Remove it in the morning with a special cleansing cream. This remedy will make your Eyelashes darker and more frequent.


Take a small amount of grease on a mascara brush. Apply it on the Eyelashes. You can also apply Vaseline using your hands. Let it work overnight and wash in the morning.

Note: Before applying vaseline, remove eye makeup with cleansing milk.

3.Green Tea

Mix green unsweetened green tea with hot water. Using a cotton swab, it is applied to the Eyelashes. After 20-25 minutes, rinse with cold water. It will enhance the growth of Eyelashes.

4.Flowers of marigolds and blueberries

Prepare a decoction of blueberries and marigold flowers. Massage your Eyelashes. After half an hour, wash them thoroughly with water. This remedy will clean the Eyelashes and make them more attractive.

5.Lemon peel

Lemon has natural cleansing properties.

Ripe the lemon peel and leave a few hours to evaporate its natural moisture. Then add castor oil or olive oil. Let the nutrients from the lemon peel and its essence infuse the oil (this process will take no less than a week to be effective). Apply this infused oil with lemon on your eyelids.

6.Egg White

Mix 2 drops of castor oil and egg white. Apply on the Eyelashes with a brush. Let it work all night. This remedy will reduce the process of dropping Eyelashes as it nourishes them from the root, making them stronger.


Mix glycerin and castor oil in equal amounts. Applies to Eyelashes. Let it work overnight. Gently wash in the morning. This treatment will make the Eyelashes long, beautiful and strong.

8.Almond oil or vitamin E oil

Apply vitamin E oil or almond oil to the Eyelashes. These can stimulate the growth of the Eyelashes and will also make the thicker and stronger eyelids.

9.Combing the Eyelashes with a special brush

To improve vascularization and help raise Eyelashes, it is advisable to brush them twice a day in the morning and evening with a special brush.

This will help to distribute natural oils equally across the length of the Eyelashes, thus stimulating growth.

Important ideas for getting beautiful Eyelashes:

  • Do not snap or pull the Eyelashes.
  • Make sure the Eyelashes do not have dandruff.
  • False Eyelashess severely affect natural ones. So do not use them, if not necessary.
  • Instead of applying makeup to the Eyelashes, prefer to keep them as natural as possible. If you can not totally give up applying eye makeup, remove it before going to bed.
  • Choose a healthy diet. Include vegetables with green leaves and fruits in your diet

Cleansing is part of the daily routine of all women. Daily cleansing, once a day, is the minimum necessary to remove excess dirt, hair and excess sebum.

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9 Natural Remedies for Thick and Beautiful Eyelashes



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