Beauty Tricks for Men

It may seem stupid, but men also need beauty tips. Every woman wishes to her a handsome man with no hair in his nose or ears, without excess dandruff, having beautiful and clean hands, a decent breast and ironed clothes.

It may seem stupid, but men also need beauty tips. Every woman wishes to her a handsome man with no hair in his nose or ears, without excess dandruff, having beautiful and clean hands, a decent breast and ironed clothes.

And because mothers do not have much time for boys’ education, and fathers are increasingly missing from the family’s constitution, the boys who slowly become and sure men are left without models without anyone telling them how they should look. No wonder why many single men complain about the great pretensions of today’s women. At a closer look, we realize that it is not about too much claim, but about decent claims.

Beauty tricks for men

Beauty tricks for men – every man has to care for his complexion

Every man should know that the care of his face should be as important to him as to the woman. Just as a woman is appreciated for natural beauty and cleanliness, so will a man be appreciated. Because men have a lot more fat than the woman, they should pay more attention to this. Washing on the face, even with scrubs, twice a day is absolutely necessary. Shaving and using a natural shave after shave that does not smell intensely and which also helps skin is a must for a respectable man. For those who love the beard, it should always be arranged, cut, washed, mowed.

What are the peculiarities of men’s skin?

Men’s skin is different from that of women because of testosterone secretion. It is thicker, firmer and richer in collagen. The male cuticle is better hydrated and aging harder, but it is even fatter, so it’s more prone to blackheads and pimples. Because men’s skin is more acidic, it is better protected against infections and bacteria.

Finally, what men’s peculiarities are, is that it is coarse, because testosterone strengthens hair follicles. The daily blushing to remove this hair removes some of the hydrolipidic film, so the men’s skin dries and gets irritated.

In conclusion, the skin needs enregy on the epidermis and the dermis. It is important for the skin to be daily hydrated with an adapted cream. From the age of 30, even an anti-wrinkle cream can be used to protect and energize the skin.

How does fatigue work off the face of men?

To remove the bags under the eyes of men, they can hold their hands on the eyes for a minute to stimulate lymph drainage. Ideally it would be to use a serum for the contour of the eyes.

How often do men have to scrub?

Men who laugh daily need to scrub at least once a week, especially in areas where they do not shave

To combat the shine of the skin, you must use a daily cleansing gel and possibly a cream with sebaceous gland adjustment properties.

When is it advisable to be shaving?

The ideal time for shaving is after shower, because hot water softens the skin and relieves shaving. Shaving must also take place before eating to avoid irritation caused by the influx of blood created during chewing.

It is advisable to apply a face cream in the evening, to shave immediately after you wake up, before breakfast and always use a lotion after shaving. You can use either a after-shave, a moisturizing conditioner or a soothing cream of the skin, all the variants are good for skin care.

Beauty tricks for men – hair and nails should not be neglected

Hair is an adornment of both the woman and the man, but both must care for herself as well. Dandruff occurs more often in the man, also because it has fatter skin. So anti-dandruff shampoo and hair wash as often as possible is a common sense. Especially if you like long hair, some women adore pleats, but those who care for hair.

A very strange habit of men is to use several types of deodorants for the same rows of clothes, which is very unpleasant, since all these smells combine with the smell of each one’s body. So men should be more careful about this detail. For those who do not like the deodorant or are allergic, a good alternative is sodium bicarbonate.

Hands are our business cards, and they are particularly successful for men, for the housewives are further explained. Manicure, as well as pedicure, are things that a man should not avoid and not leave later. Clean hands, maybe even with cream where appropriate, do not bother any normal woman. Maybe just the nail polish, which some men choose to set for manicure. Cutting nails and their nails are absolutely necessary for a man, as well as soft and soft hands.

Beauty tricks for men – ironed clothes are not a shame to the man

In terms of clothing, the men of the times (times quite close to ours) behaved extremely carefree and beautiful. Clothes, often made to the tailor, were washed, ironed, and they were fit to the body. Unfortunately, these things are no longer practiced, but that does not mean that women like to see their men in large clothes, unhealthy and often unwashed. Another important thing, even if it is fashionable to see the perfectly carved body shapes, molded clothes are not necessarily the best choice.

The frequent showers and baths, as well as the changing of daily socks and intimate lingerie, are things that the man should not escape.

Toothwashing and combing are two other important things for respected men. With regard to unpleasant smells due to particular efforts or smoking and drinking, the man should be more careful as it is before the woman. The shower and the mint can sometimes make miracles.

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Beauty Tricks for Men

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