Cat-Living Medicine. Discover how you can heal with this feline !

The healing capacities of cats have been known and appreciated since antiquity, especially in Egypt. Whoever has a cat knows that it is extremely clean, graceful, stylish, comfortable, clever, great, loving, longevity. This feline is still an enigma to the animal world because it is unknown until today how to predict the approach of an earthquake or a great variation of atmospheric pressure, or how it manages to return home, at its master, from the distance of dozens or hundreds of kilometers.

Cat-Living Medicine

Without having specialized studies, cats feel when a person is sick and can identify negative energy in the body. They have a very strong electromagnetic field, and by contact between man and cat, the electromagnetic waves of it neutralize the waves emitted by a sick organism. Doctors have long observed that in families where there are pets, especially cats, the atmosphere is clearer, diseases are rare, and when they occur, the diseases heal faster.


The cat feels if something hurts


You do not have to wonder if a cat sits down in your lap, if you lie on the bed, or on the head, in the cervical area. Do not throw it away, be patient, leave it where it nests, the cat knows how much she has to stay and she will go alone. The cat tries to stick to that part of the body where the sick organ is located, and after a while the pain subsides and the man feels better.


Bioenergetics believe that cats have highly developed extrasensory capabilities. This allows them to see the human aura and, if necessary, to treat it. First of all, four-legged babies can be trusted helpers of neurologists and psychotherapists. They reduce restless states, calm down, awaken feelings of trust, optimism.


Cat and the heart


The cardiovascular system seems to be the “specialization” of these four. Cats are excellent “cardiologists”, so those who suffer from hypertension, have had a stroke or stroke are recommended to hold a cat more often in their arms. Experience has shown that the presence of a cat in the home stabilizes blood pressure in people with neurovegetative dystonia.


According to the observations made by American researchers, in the case of people who have cats, the risk of infarction decreases by 30-40%. Cat lovers say their favorites always diagnose the master’s mood and health, sit on their chest, and often prevent heart attacks.


Cat and brain


Another amazing effect of cat’s influence on the human body is the improvement of memory. Physicians have found the following explanation: the greatest accumulation of memory-activating points is at the center of the palm. To stimulate these centers, special balls are manufactured in the Orient. How many two such balls are held every day in each palm, rolling them. In our practice this is not widespread, but we can treat our dog or, with even greater efficiency, the cat.


Specialists also noticed that these animals help to reduce fever quickly in cold or gutted people, soothe painful sensations and even strengthen bones! According to one hypothesis, the torso would be the source of the cat’s therapeutic action. The frequency of the cat’s torso – between 25 and 50 Hz – has also been measured.


Gent or lady ?


It has been established that, despite their universality, cats’ family specialists still specialize in various affections. For example, the bio-energetic influence of a female is much stronger than that of a male. “Girls” cats better heal nervous system and internal organ disorders, while “boys” are better specialists in the fields of arthrosis, spondylosis, osteopathies.


Long-haired cats are excellent neurologists. They help with depression, reduce irritability, normalize sleep. Medium-length furriers are good cardiologists, and short-haired cats better treat stomach, liver and kidney affections. Siamese cats, besides being very helpful in treating colds, also play an important role in influenza prophylaxis. Their simple presence in the home annihilates microbes that can cause the disease.


Black, red or gray?


It has been shown that even the color of the fur is important. Black cats are able to absorb a lot of negative energy and are therefore irreplaceable in the energy cleaning of homes with a lot of electric appliances. One or two or three of these cats can calm the overwhelmingly impulsive and temperamental masters.


Keeping the master of excess negative energy, cats help normalize circulation, metabolism and even resorption of internal hematomas. In this way, they prevent heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, gastritis and osteopathies.


Reddish and beige cats can not absorb as much negative energy as black ones, but they raise the psychic tone of the people they live with by emitting positive energy.


White cats are the perfect aid in case of lack of energy.


Gray and gray-blue cats very effectively calm the states of restlessness, irritability.


However, do not overdo it using it for therapeutic purposes. Did the cat find the painful place alone and sit down to heat it? Very good! Just do not force it. If it rises suddenly and leaves, it means that for the time being, it is sufficient for your negative energy, causing pain. After he rests and restores his strength, he will return alone to continue the treatment.


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