How to keep your breasts firm and sexy for as long as possible?-5 Rules

Gravity is the main reason why breasts lose their firmness. In addition, hormone changes, transformations that occur during pregnancy, and high weight oscillations are added.

keep your breasts firm and sexy

Discover what you can do to keep your  breasts beautiful as long as possible:


Choose quality bras

The first thing you have to do to prevent leaving your breasts is to wear your bra. The higher the breasts, whether natural, implanted or during pregnancy, the greater the gravity effect on them and lose their firmness. That is why the support provided by the bra is essential. Choose quality brasses that fit perfectly for you. Measure yourself before buying a bra, to choose the right size, and always test your bra before you buy it.


Avoid weight oscillations

When your weight fluctuates a lot over the years, the breast skin is forced to expand suddenly. You can then confront not only your left breasts, they lack the firmness, but also the unsightly stretch marks on their surface. Try to keep your weight constant over the years. If you want to lose weight, choose a healthy diet that allows you to lose weight gradually and avoid aggressive diets affect your breasts not only beauty and health.


Wear  bustier at night

And during the approximately eight hours of sleep per night, your breasts need support, especially if they are large. A comfortable buttress is the perfect solution to provide support to your breasts during the night and thus avoid losing the firmness. Choose a soft cloth bustier that gives you support without being inconvenient.


Moisturize your skin

The moisturized skin is much more supple and supple than the dry skin, and in terms of breast beauty this is extremely important.

If your skin is properly hydrated, your breasts will remain beautiful and firm for as long as possible. Oils are the most effective solutions to quickly combat dry skin, but also to prevent stretch marks on the breasts. After the shower, on wet skin, apply a few drops of oil in your hands and massage your breasts gently. You can use baby oils, but also natural variants such as olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc.


Exercises are essential

Moderate exercise contributes significantly to regaining or maintaining beauty of the bust. Yoga practice is very useful in this regard because it includes positions and exercises that maintain firmness of the bust.

Do not forget to regularly check the health of your breasts. It can save your life by early detection of breast cancer. Besides palpation that you can do alone, it’s important to go to a doctor once a year for a mammary ultrasound if you are under 40 or a mammogram if you are over 40 years old.


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