A hairstyle as you have never seen before: “Rose Hair Bun” looks spectacular!

A hairstyle as you have never seen before: The Rose Hair Bun looks spectacular!

“Rose Hair Bun” looks spectacular

Alison Valsamis has made a braided bun that looks exactly like a rose. A perfect style for spring, this hairstyle looks great not only because it is impeccably made, but also because of the pastel-colored hair that has been made.

“To create this rose bun, we started with a thin braided three-strand, from which we created the central part of the rose,” said Valsamis for allure.com.

“I jumped between classical braids in three, and fish queues to get the effect of size.

At the end we braided a thicker hair in three to create the impression of large petals of a blooming rose, “the hairstylist said.

The result is sensational, and the hairstyle seems to be a sculpture. Such a complicated hairstyle, with a feminine and romantic look, is the perfect choice for a wedding day or for a special event.


Although it is difficult to obtain and it may seem impossible to reproduce, a specialist might help you recreate this unique style. And if you have dyed hair in a pastel shade, the result will be even more exciting.

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