Rosehip Oil – Benefits for Your Skin

Rosehip oil contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, but also essential fatty acids such as oleic acid, linolenic acid and palmitic acid. It has plenty of beneficial effects, especially on the skin.

Rosehip Oil - Benefits for Your Skin

Rosehip oil has a higher concentration of vitamin C than a lemon or orange. Vitamin C is known to reduce damage to the skin from exposure to UV radiation. Moreover, vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen, hence the powerful anti-aging effects of this oil. If you thought the vitamin C wonders for the skin ended, they know that it accelerates the healing of skin lesions, also preventing dehydration of the skin.


Vitamins found in rosehip oil have antioxidant effect and combat the effect of free radicals. Moreover, fatty acids in this oil are transformed into prostaglandins, which play an important role in regenerating tissues as well as cell membranes.


Benefits of rosehip oil


Fights Acne – Acne occurs as a result of excessive secretion of natural skin oils. Rosehip oil moisturizes the skin, preventing sebum secretion in excess. It also unblocks pores, being non-comedogenic. To combat acne, peanut oil is applied to the face in the morning, then left to act for 15 minutes and removed by rinsing with warm water and cleansing gel.


It has anti-aging properties – vitamin A as well as vitamin C, stimulates collagen production and acts as an anti-aging ingredient. Rosehip oil combats wrinkles, especially those formed around the eyes. This oil also contains lycopene, which also has anti-aging properties.


Provides skin brightness – peanut oil applied to the skin, gives it brightness, even having the ability to combat dark spots. Dissolve 3 drops of macaw oil in a little coconut oil and massage your skin. And the circles will be blurred by the use of this mixture.


Accelerates the healing of bruises – due to the antioxidant and regenerative properties of rosehip oil, you can also use it to hurry the healing of skin burns and bruises. Content rich in fatty acids prevents scar formation.


Hydrates cracked lips – wind, sun and dehydration cause cracking of the lips, which is both unsightly and uncomfortable. You can combat the cracked lips by hydrating them with rosehip oil pre-heated between the fingers for better absorption.


Fades stretch marks – rosehip oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin and contains a large amount of fatty acids that stimulate collagen production. This oil moisturizes the skin and prostaglands stimulate tissue regeneration. You can prevent stretch marks from using this oil. The areas most affected by stretch marks are the abdomen, chest and thighs.


Contraindications of rosehip oil


Because there is insufficient information about the side effects of rosehip oil, it is advisable that pregnant or lactating women do not use this oil.

Rosehip oil should not be used by people who have problems with blood clotting because a chemical in this oil slows coagulation and increases the risk of bleeding.

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