Numb Hands – What Health Problems are Hiding

Are not strange pains in the wrists that are often accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling of numbness, stiffness or even weakness? Do not ignore such symptoms! It may be the sign of a serious condition that your body is facing.

Numb Hands - What Health Problems are Hiding

Numb Hands – What Health Problems are Hiding

If you have been in a particular position, you are most likely to be confronted with some of the above symptoms, but if it is not the position of the body that causes these symptoms, then it is necessary to go to the specialist doctor as they may indicate the presence of certain conditions diabetes, vitamin B vitamin, especially vitamin B12 or maybe a stroke.

Numb Hands – Stimulate reflex points

Both palms and soles can be highlighted when there is a problem in your body because it presents the nerve endings of the organs. Regular reflexology meetings are not recommended to relax the entire body and avoid the blockages that may occur.


Thus, if you feel frequent numbness at the fingertips at the hand, necessarily visit a cardiologist until it is a sign of a cardiovascular disease.


The vitamin deficiency, especially the lack of vitamin B and E, will also be felt inside the palms, pay attention to your diet and massage the palms in the circles to the points in the above picture.


Do not jump over resting hours because an overworked body is likely to numb and not be able to support you in all of your activities. Thus, at the first symptom of numbness he paused, drink a glass of water. If the symptoms do not go away, then go to your doctor.


The combination of unwarranted palpitation, hand numbness may be the signal of Buerger syndrome that occurs mainly in smokers and causes capillary inflammation. But there is also the possibility of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a specialist consultation will elucidate the provocative cause.

Numb Hands – Hydrate yourself properly

Both diet and hydration and movement are essential for your health. In the absence of even one of these components, you can face swollen feet, feeling tingling in your hands and feet, especially at night, when blood circulation is impaired and aggravated.


If these symptoms become a routine of the day, do not hesitate to introduce yourself to your cardiologist as a matter of urgency, especially if these numbness is accompanied by shoulder pain that is left on your arm, this is the sign of myocardial infarction.


If you notice that you are experiencing difficulty in breathing or feel a strong chest pain, there are more certain problems in the cardiovascular system.


Always make sure that any symptom provided by your body can be kept under control and do not be afraid to go to a doctor, better to prevent and treat any problem at an early stage than to delay until nothing can be done.

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