Best Natural Treatment for Healthy Black Hair During the Summer

One of the most experienced hairstyles explains the advantages and disadvantages of black hair and teaches how it should be cared for to keep its color and brilliance longer.

Best Natural Treatment for Healthy Black Hair During the Summer

According to the specialist, although it is easier to protect than open colors, it needs special attention. At the same time, the hue is not indicated for those with rare hair or over 40 years of age.


Black hair problems


“Black hair is much easier to care for, compared to the blonde. In the summer, however, his number one enemy is the sun and then salty water. We can protect it with a film of oil, even if that means charging it a little and after a day of exposure to the sun, it seems to be stuffy. It is enough to apply a shampoo and a mask so that the hair returns to its original state immediately.

I do not recommend blacks to people who have rare hair and are wearing a path. This is because black is like an ultraviolet magnet, and the skin from the path can be burned. If you also have rare hair, then the so-called false dentist appears, as the scalp skin becomes very dry and flaking up. In this case, it is advisable to opt for other shades. Because, yes, it is unassailable to apply protective cream on that path, “says the specialist.


Black hair care


When we talk about black hair care, specialist recommends products based on coconut oil.


“Coconut oil is the one for black hair. It can be in any form, starting with that cool mask, to refined oil, from which you apply 2-3 drops. If we look at South America and Africa, all the crops there, in one way or another, have the same treatment as hair, coconut and coconut oil, “explains the specialist.


Black hair is indicated for…


“Black is recommended to people under the age of 40. After that, it only reveals any facial imperfections. Here comes any wrinkles, circles, traces of fatigue.


Black is, however, a sensational color because it keeps its shine much longer. The moment we offer it an oil, a gloss, the effect is immediate and spectacular. It is enough for the black to be dressed very well, especially at the tips, and then give a drop of argan or coconut oil along the length of hair and peaks to look impeccably, “says the specialist.

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